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Good American Jeans Review for All Body Types

Unsure which Good American jeans to buy? This review explores their size range, comfort, price, and more to help you find the perfect fit!

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like an impossible quest. Whether you struggle with sizing inconsistency, lack of comfort, or styles that don’t flatter your figure, the denim search can be a frustrating endeavor. Good American, a clothing brand co-founded by Khloe Kardashian, aims to disrupt the industry by offering inclusive sizing and flattering fits for all body types. But do their jeans live up to the hype? This comprehensive review dives into Good American’s denim collection, exploring everything from size range and fit to quality, comfort, and price point.

good american jeans review

Sizing for Every Body

One of Good American’s biggest strengths is its commitment to size inclusivity. Their jeans range from size 0 to 24, with a selection of styles offered in extended sizes up to 26. They also provide petite, regular, and tall inseam options to ensure a perfect fit for various heights. Additionally, Good American offers a unique concept called “Always Fits” jeans, which utilize a special fabric blend designed to flatter a range of sizes (typically a size range of four). While some reviewers swear by the comfortable, stretchy fit of Always Fits, others note slight inconsistencies.

good american jeans review

Finding Your Perfect Fit

Good American offers a wide variety of silhouettes, from classic straight legs and bootcuts to trendy mom jeans and high-waisted skinny styles. Their detailed size guide with fit descriptions and customer reviews can be a helpful starting point in finding your perfect match. However, some reviewers recommend ordering multiple sizes or utilizing Good American’s free returns policy to ensure a flawless fit.


Comfort and Quality

Good American jeans are known for their soft, comfortable fabrics. Many styles incorporate a blend of cotton and elastane, providing a flattering stretch that moves with your body. Reviewers consistently praise the high-quality materials and construction of Good American denim. However, some users with curvier figures mention occasional gaping at the waistband with certain styles.

good american jeans review

Flattering Styles

Good American’s commitment to inclusivity extends beyond size. Their jeans are designed to flatter various body shapes. The high-waisted styles are particularly popular for accentuating curves and creating a streamlined silhouette. Additionally, the brand offers a variety of pocket placements and washes to flatter different body types.


Price Point

Good American jeans fall on the pricier end of the denim spectrum, typically ranging from $99 to $159. While some reviewers find the quality and fit justify the cost, others might hesitate due to the higher price tag. Consider waiting for seasonal sales or promotions to snag a better deal.

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Good American offers a welcome departure from the traditional, often limited sizing of the denim industry. Their commitment to inclusivity and body positivity is commendable. With a wide range of flattering styles, comfortable fabrics, and high-quality construction, Good American jeans are a worthwhile investment for those seeking well-fitting, confidence-boosting denim. However, the higher price point and potential fit inconsistencies for some body types are factors to consider.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind when deciding if Good American jeans are right for you:

  • Body Type: Customer reviews suggest that Good American jeans, paired with trendy sunglasses, tend to work well for a variety of body shapes, particularly those seeking a flattering high-waisted fit.
  • Style Preferences: The brand offers a wide range of washes and silhouettes, so you’re sure to find a style that suits your taste.
  • Budget: Good American jeans are on the pricier side, so consider your budget and whether the quality and fit justify the cost.


Good American: Jeans Designed to Empower All Bodies

Good American isn’t your average denim brand. Founded in 2016 by Khloe Kardashian and businesswoman Emma Grede, the company emerged from a desire to revolutionize the fashion industry.  They saw a glaring gap – a lack of quality, well-fitting jeans for all body types. Their mission? To create a size-inclusive denim line that celebrates every woman’s figure and empowers them to feel confident.

Khloe Kardashian, known for her own journey with body image, brought a powerful voice and platform to the brand’s message of inclusivity.  Emma Grede, a savvy businesswoman, provided the industry expertise to navigate the fashion world. Together, they built Good American on the core principle that every woman deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in her own skin, regardless of size.

This commitment to inclusivity is evident in everything Good American does.  Their jeans boast an expansive size range, from a size 0 to 24, with a selection of styles offered in extended sizes. They don’t stop there – petite, regular, and tall inseam options cater to various heights, ensuring a perfect fit for every body.

Good American goes beyond simply offering a wider range of sizes.  They understand that different body shapes require different fits to be truly flattering.  Their design team crafts jeans with a focus on flattering silhouettes, particularly the popular high-waisted styles that elongate the legs and accentuate curves.  The brand also offers a variety of pocket placements and washes, each strategically designed to flatter different body types.

In conclusion, Good American is more than just a denim brand; it’s a movement for body positivity and inclusivity.  Founded by two women with a shared vision, the company is dedicated to empowering all women to embrace their bodies and feel confident in their own skin, one perfectly fitting pair of jeans at a time.

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Inclusive Sizing Options:

Inclusive Sizing Options: Revolutionizing the Denim Experience

Gone are the days of squeezing into ill-fitting jeans or feeling excluded from the latest trends due to limited size ranges. Inclusive sizing is transforming the fashion industry, and Good American stands at the forefront of this movement.

Breaking the Mold: A Wider Range for Every Body

Traditionally, the denim industry has catered to a narrow range of body types. Good American shatters this mold by offering a truly inclusive size range. Their jeans span from a size 0 to 24, with a selection of styles extending up to a size 26. This vast spectrum ensures that women of all sizes can find their perfect fit, finally eliminating the frustration of limited options.

Beyond Size: Catering to Different Body Shapes

Good American understands that size is just one piece of the puzzle. Different body shapes require different fits to achieve a flattering silhouette. Their design team goes beyond simply scaling up existing styles. They meticulously craft jeans with specific body types in mind, offering a variety of silhouettes beyond the typical skinny jean. From high-waisted styles that cinch the waist and elongate legs to flattering mom jeans and classic bootcuts, there’s something for everyone.

Understanding Nuances: Pocket Placement and Washes

The details matter. Good American recognizes that seemingly minor aspects like pocket placement and wash can significantly impact how a garment flatters different body types. Their jeans feature strategically placed pockets that visually balance proportions and create a more streamlined look. Additionally, they offer a variety of washes, from light-wash styles that highlight curves to darker washes that provide a slimming effect.

Always Fits: A Size-Inclusive Innovation

Good American continues to push boundaries with their innovative “Always Fits” concept. These jeans utilize a special fabric blend designed to flatter a range of sizes, typically spanning four sizes. This allows for a more forgiving fit while maintaining a sleek and stylish look. While some reviewers rave about the comfortable stretch of Always Fits, others recommend trying different sizes within the designated range to ensure the perfect fit for their unique body.

Inclusive sizing isn’t just a trend; it’s a commitment to celebrate all body types. Good American is a prime example of a brand that prioritizes inclusivity, offering a wide range of sizes, flattering fits, and thoughtful design details. This dedication to empowering women of all shapes and sizes is what truly sets Good American apart in the denim world.


Ultimately, the best way to find your perfect pair of Good American jeans is to try them on for yourself. With their generous return policy, you can experiment with different styles and sizes to find the perfect fit that flatters your figure and makes you feel confident.